Wall Mount Clay Extruder


This is the most economical solution for loading extruder tubes. The Scott Creek wall mount extruder gets the job done saving you time and money.

This wall mount extruder makes the job of handloading tubes faster and easier. It will also save you the expense of purchasing a large pugmill. Although a de-airing pugmill is by far the best way to load the tubes, this wall-mounted loader is the next choice.

We offer 2 sizes of the handloader 1000/2000 ml (Micro/Pro) or 3600/4000ml (Super/XL).

Method for clay preparation for tube loading

Using a wire tool. Cut a 25-pound bag of prepared clay into 4 sections (see photo below).

Place a microfiber towel or felt cloth between the clay sections. Pour 10-15 oz of water onto the towel inside the bag.  Close the bag tightly. The moisture from the cloth will penetrate into the clay.

Let the clay rest in the sealed bag for 24 to 48 hours to allow the water to be absorbed. Some customers place the sealed bag in the sun to help speed up the process.
Once the clay has fully absorbed the water, it’s time to load the extruder tube. It is important not to introduce any air into the already perfectly de-aired clay. Shape the clay rectangle into a cylinder slightly smaller than the hopper on the Scott Creek extruder. It may take some practice but what you want to do is get the entire slug of clay all the way down to the bottom of the extruder tube.

Finally, mount the extruder handle and the piston down the tube and ratchet your way down until the polycarbonate tube is almost full.

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 6 mm
tube size

1000/2000, 3600/4000

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