3D Potter and Sika USA have partnered to create a specially formulated 3D printing cementitious material

Partnering with Sika USA

3D Potter has partnered with Sika USA Corporation and together we formulated Sikacrete®-752 F 3D, a 3D printing cementitious material. This material was extensively tested with our Scara V4 model and a continuous flow pump.

The video shows excellent layer conformity and outstanding material properties: 

This material is not modified cement using additives, it has been specially formulated for the 3D printing industry.

We have perfected the mixing sequence and timing to allow for continuous printing. That means there is no stopping to wait for the material to set before printing the next layer. This has not been possible before.

This material opens up a new world for rapid prototyping and the creation of small to medium-sized architectural structures.  

Sika’s material has a superior surface finish when compared to standard types of cement. Once dry it has a very clean white surface and the mixture readily accepts color to create special effects. The structural properties are also very impressive, see the information below.

We offer Sikacrete®-752 F 3D printing concrete by the pallet for $1,300. Each pallet contains 48 (55lb.) bags of 3D cement.

Sikacrete®-752 F 3D is a one-component product and is:

Accelerated products

Highly thixotropic

Ready-to-use by adding water

Low shrinkage

Small grain sizes for less equipment wear

Some of Sika’s 3D Printing cement formulas are available for purchase in a cost-saving super sack of concrete. Prices start at $450 for a 2000lbs Super Sack. Contact us for more information.

Sika now offers affordable 3D printing cement Sikacrete 733-W for architectural and construction applications. This is not the same as 752 cement which is designed for smaller projects. This cement formula is specifically designed for large-scale projects. It is available in a cost-saving Super Sack. The Super Sack contains 2000 pounds of material. A single 2000lb. sack yields .55 Cubics Yards and has a 6-month shelf life. Note: this material is intended to be used for large-scale projects only.

Please call us for more information: (772)600-8630

SikaCrete 752F

Material Specs

Mixing water 16% (by weight of powder)

Maximum Gran Size – 1mm

Fresh Mortar Density – 2.2kg/l

Compressive Strength as per ASTMC109

1 day – 20MPa (3000 psi)

7 day – 30MPa (4350 psi)

28 day – 50MPa (7250 psi)

Flexural Strength as per ASTM C348

28 days – 8.2MPa (1200 psi)

SikaCrete 733W

Material Specs

Mixing water 16% (by weight of powder)

Maximum Gran Size – 2mm

Fresh Mortar Density –

Compressive Strength as per ASTMC109

1 day – (2200 psi)

7 day – (5988 psi)

28 day – (7000 psi)

Flexural Strength as per ASTM C348

28 days – 8.2MPa (1150 psi)

Shrinkage 28 days (ATSM C157) -0.086%

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