Upgrade Kit for Version 7 Printers


This is our upgrade kit to convert a Version 7 Printer into a Version 9 Printer. It is a complete replacement of the electronics, power supply, and all wires. The main part of this upgrade is how you control the printer. The Version 9 uses a wireless interface that connects to your computer, phone, and/or tablet. No software or driver installation required.

Before purchasing this upgrade kit, you must contact our tech support department. https://3dpotter.com/contact We require some pictures of your machine to make sure that the upgrade kit will be fully compatible with your printer.


Installation Manual: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LimjRPfLPwZ9XqfhUheBKR8Dzl_jGeTCS052M74sQ2U/edit

Before purchase of the upgrade kit, please contact our tech support department. We require pictures of your limit switch connectors, extruder motor wire connector (green or white), and a few overall shots of the whole printer. These pictures can be emailed as attachments to our tech support department, or as a group of pictures on a file hosting site, such as google drive or dropbox.

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