Continuous Cement Mix Station


3D Potter is proud to announce the most innovative computer-controlled Mixing Station. After years of research and cooperation with Sika Corporation, the largest manufacturer of 3D printing cement, we have developed one of the most sophisticated and accurate dosing mixing machines on the market.

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This is not just another cement mixer. It is specifically constructed for the new generation of 3D printing housing structures and large objects. These materials like Sika 733 and 752F require more precise dosing when mixing. It's not possible to guess the water content during the mixing process of these new generation of materials. The manufacturer supplies exact hydration numbers, which have to be met and maintained throughout the project.

Our Mixing Station constantly controls the volume of powder and also maintains the exact ratio of water and/or accelerant. In addition, you have full control of the mixing chamber speed and temperature during operation and you can save your favorite presets.

We have also designed it for easy clean up after the operation is complete. It has a preliminary self cleaning function which evacuates most of the material prior to final clean up.

The standard machine is capable of 100 lb of material within the hopper. We also offer a hopper extension (option) which doubles your capacity to approximately 200 lb of material.

The hopper has the ability to accept Super Sacks from above. Super Sack support structure is supplied by other vendors.

The Mixing Station is constructed with heavy-gauge powder coated steel with aluminum reciprocating components. The motors we use are very high quality closed loop DC and AC stepper motors.

This truly is a game changer when it comes to 3D printing cementitious materials.

Output Flow Rate: 6.5L per min (0.23 ft³, 1.7gal per min)

Power requirements: 220V, 20 Amp

Water supply: minimum 10 Psi

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