Auger System


This auger system allows you to have direct control over the flow rate of your 3D print. The auger can be directly controlled by the Scara Elite, the 10 XL, or a stand alone driver. You can easily change print speeds without having to worry about adjusting the extrusion rate. It can be hand fed, or fed directly by a pump

Our Auger works especially well with the new 3D Printing products from Sika Corporation. #752F

The color may vary.

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(Optional system)

Mixcell for Auger Specifically designed to work in conjunction with our new auger system and is designed to attach to the bottom of the Auger.

Our in-house testing shows material hardening within 6 to 10 seconds after leaving the nozzle. This opens up tremendous opportunities when you design objects with overhangs that would not be possible to print without the accelerator. With the accelerator we are capable of printing large 8-10 ft objects with a small cross section non-stop.

Although this system will work with a variety of materials, there are some limitations. We recommend aggregate no larger than 1mm to 2mm. The material consistency also needs to be adjusted correctly. Avoid thick materials or materials that have high clay contact.

It is possible to print clay but the consistency needs to be relatively loose. With the clay at this consistency, it's not practical to print unless you plan on injecting some other chemical to solidified clay after printing.

Beta Auger System: Basic Tutorial


Weight: 12lbs (5.4kg)
Size: ~14in diameter at the top, ~28in tall.
Attachment sleeve outside diameter: ~3.5in to ~4in, 5in tall.

Auger System package includes:
- Top drive assembly with gearbox and motor
- Auger screw assembly
- 2 nozzles, 1/2 in and 3/4 in. 1 in opening with no nozzle

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