3D Potterbot Scara v4


The 3D Potterbot Scara V4 is our largest model for 3D ceramic and paste printing with our extruder system.

4000ml Extruders will have a reduced maximum speed due to kinetic energy changes that can occur while 3D printing.

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The Scara V4 is the first viable large-scale ceramic 3D printer using real clay. The advanced design and substantial construction can take on board loads like the 3D Potter 3600ml and 4000ml clay extruders.

Scara V4

The Scara V4 is our next-generation clay/cement 3D printer. The V4 prints with clay and has a much larger build volume than the Cartesian models. This added build space allows for the machine to be dual-purpose and print in both clay and cementitious materials.

Speed and Noise

The Scara V4 is capable of extreme speeds however speed is relative when it comes to ceramic and cementuous 3D printing. Realistically you won’t want to exceed 150 mm/s. Many factors determine the speed like nozzle size, layer height, and achieving a good adhesion on the interlayer of the clay. Even with a fast printing speed the printer maintains low noise, which allows operation in any area without disturbing the surrounding environment.

Construction and Design

The SCARA V4 is capable of achieving high precision and accuracy through diligent design and robust construction techniques. The majority of this printer is crafted out of heavy Industrial grade cast aluminum utilizing CNC-manufactured components for maximum strength accuracy and rigidity. The main rail components are from IGUS* which is one of the leading German manufacturers of precision guide rails. The drive motors are closed-loop stepper motors. These have onboard computers with telemetry that continually update their position for zero error positioning. In addition to closed-loop stepper motors, the Scara V4 Utilizes sophisticated harmonic drive units. These are the same drives used on large industrial robots similar to the ones that are now in many large manufacturing facilities. These drives are extremely heavy-duty and capable of precision movement down to fractions of a degree. This means very precise prints with no backlash or jittery movements at realistic speeds. These drives are designed for maximum rigidity with extreme accuracy.

Power Requirements

Just like your laptop charger, the Scara V4 uses a single 110-220V, 50-60 Hertz connection depending on your county's power.

Software requirements

None! The only requirement for machine control is a web browser interface.

For object generation, the Scara V4 is similar to the rest of the 3D Potter line ceramic printers. Like any other 3D printer it requires an STL file to be sliced by a third-party program. We recommend using Simplify3D. Then transfer the file onto the printer’s SD card via WiFi.

Space requirements

In most cases, the SCARA V4 requires 6-12 inches of space Outside the Print area listed below. However, with careful machine operation and setup this machine can be placed in constricted spaces.

The real advantage is this machine can be positioned on a substantial table top and you can start printing right away. Whether on the tabletop or on the floor, the Scara V4 will require direct mounting for maximum stability. This is achieved with multiple screws to secure the printer to the surface it is on. If you choose to use a tabletop it must be of substantial construction, the minimum is 1.5" thick heavy plywood or wood construction. If an inadequate table is used, the results from the printer will be diminished depending on the building envelope and speed at which the prints are created with.

What's included:

1. Scara v4

3. Extruder size of your choice.

4. 5 anodized aluminum nozzles (standard sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm when extruder is purchased)

5. Parts Box: Alan key set, grease, Acme driver tool, tie wraps, extra screw

6. Power Supply

Print Area

The Print Area is unique due to its 360-degree capability. This means you can create a huge vessel with the printer initially residing inside the vessel or structure. This opens up the possibility to print Large ceramic objects and even Concrete.

Another unique ability is printing multiple objects within the specified envelope in a sequential mode. For instance, you could print a particular vessel starting on the far left side and continue to print these vessels until there is no more space left.

For PDF drawing see the button below



User interface (WiFi)

Duet Web Control is a fully developed UI for the Scara. Opened in a web browser, it can be used on your laptop, tablet, phone, or other WiFi-capable device.

Print Status

Once a print is started, it shows information about the model being printed. Layer times, estimated time remaining, file information, and more are available for viewing. It also allows for print and extrusion speed control to be adjusted in real time.

G-Code Files

The G-Code Files page allows G-code files for printing to be uploaded, edited, or downloaded. A summary of the file is given such as size, layer height, and what the file was generated by.

Additional information

Extruder Size

None, 3600ml, 4000ml

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