Polycarbonate Tubes Carbon Fiber Reinforced


Our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tubes are custom made to withstand extra force. They should only be needed when exceeding normal conditions. While these reinforced tubes are stronger than our normal tubes, we can not guarantee the pressure limits, as pressure can differ greatly between different materials.

If you are purchasing extra tubes it is very important that you buy the correct size for your machine/extruder size. If you purchase the wrong size the tube, it will not fit on the ceramic 3D printer or the acme screw will not be able to extend to the bottom of the tube. If you do not know which size tube you have, you can check on the Printer Comparison Chart to see what sizes are standard on each of our models.

These tubes are not covered under our warranty. The only replacement for these tubes covered under our warranty would be shipping damage.

Our tubes are CNC machined and will fit your 2.75 or 3.75 inch linear Ram extruder for clay 3D printing. Extra polycarbonate tubes are a great way to maximize your printing time. Keeping loaded tubes ready makes it easy to switch to a fresh tube and continue printing.

**For Printers ordered before February 1st, 2022, please select the Original tubes. The new T- Tubes will not fit printers manufactured prior to 2/1/22.

Outer diameters:
1000/2000- 3in
3600/4000- 4in

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1000, 2000, 3600, 4000, 1000-T, 2000-T, 3600-T, 4000-T

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