3D PotterBot 7 XXL


3D PotterBot 7 XXL


For when you need to print the biggest objects, there is the 7 XXL. With a 4000ml capacity, you can print many objects nearly as high as 3 feet.

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7 XXL has the capability of printing vessels up to 29" (73.6cm) high with 18 pounds of clay being extruded at one time. It is constructed with extremely robust components from IGUS.com

3D Potter 7 XXL comes with 4000 ml extruder, which is an ideal for larger pieces. This extruder uses direct nozzle extrusion, which means no hoses to clean or complicated delivery systems and air compressors are needed. 

This robust machine is capable of extruding real clay (not slip). Choose from many nozzle options all the way up to 16 mm in diameter. This will give you the ability to produce huge prints that until now were not possible in the 3D ceramic world. Our unique design utilizes traveling X & Y axis with stationary Z axis extruder. But what is really innovative is how the X-axis is allowed to travel freely on top of any flat surface it is positioned on. This means an extremely compact, easy to store and easy to ship design with no large bulky box for structural support. The traveling X-axis is completely supported by our innovative mechanism at the end of each X-axis rail. For small objects this does not come into play but when you are pushing the envelope you will appreciate these aspects of the design.

What's included:

1. 3D PotterBot 7 XXL

2. Closed loop stepper on X, Y, Z, extruder

3. 4000ml extruder, 2 tubes

4. 4 nozzles (standard sizes: 3.5, 4.13, 5, and 6.4mm)

5. Parts Box: Alan key set, grease, Acme driver tool, tie wraps, extra screws

6. Power Supply, USB cable


Printing Envelope:
X-18" (457 mm)
Y-21" (533 mm)
Z-36" (914 mm)

Printer size:
W-33” L-37” H-46”
Operation space needed: W-53” L-41” H-85”
Bat diameter (printer bed): 15” (381mm)
Height to the top of the extruder fully extended is 85” (2159mm)

Average speed: 2.2’’ to 5.1’’/s (55 to 130 mm/s)
Power Supply: Output - 24V 5-6 amps, Input: 110-220V, 50-60 Hertz (No 220V power plug supplied for customers outside of USA).
Power consumption: 24V ~3 amps, ~70 Watt
Main controller board running Smoothieware with Arm Processor Cortex M3 100 - 120 Mhz

Touchscreen included - full control Standalone function, input either SD card with G-code or USB cable for direct control of printer. Recommended slicing programs Simplify3D, Cura, or Repetier.