3D PotterBot Super 7


3D PotterBot Super 7


The 3D Potterbot SUPER 7 has all the benefits of the 7 PRO, but with a much larger extuder. The 3600ml volume tubes can do many prints before needing to be realoaded, great for when you need to print many objects, or larger than normal ones.

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3D Potterbot SUPER 7 is our latest configuration.

The 3D PotterBot 7 is our most popular printer and the envelope size suits most requirements. However the 2000 ml extruder is sometimes not big enough for multiple large vessels or small production runs. So we created a printer that has the same print envelope as the 7 but bigger 3600ml extruder. It is also more robust. In order to carry the heavier weight of the 3600 ml extruder, the entire assembly had to be beefed up so it is similar to the 7XXL. It includes high-torque hybrid closed-loop stepper motor and heavier easy access car system.

The performance is similar to the 7 PRO which means you will be able to achieve much faster print with the increased flow rate of the large extruder. Also you will have the ability to use large nozzles for faster printing. 

This hybrid motor also has the ability of adjustable torque settings as an option. This gives you the ability to set the torque at a specific level. This is a safety feature that will allow you to protect your equipment against blockages or material that is unexpectedly too thick. At this point the motor will automatically disengage to allow remedy of the overpressure condition. 

The 3DP Super 7 is designed to improve speed and acceleration. The design uses high-precision linear rails from IGUS, an X and Y axis drive system with precision timing belt, and integrated closed loop hybrid motors. This eliminates any need for machine adjustment and reduces maintenance. Our design utilizes traveling X & Y axis with stationary Z axis. The X-axis is allowed to travel freely on top of any flat surface. The Z axis and extruder use a reduction gearbox for faster and smoother prints.

The hard anodized linear rail with advanced plastic car bushings will give extended service life, even in harsh environments. By using timing belts we have decreased printing  time by as much as 75% for small items. The closed-loop motors have on board circuitry to eliminate any missteps or inaccuracy, while increasing the precision substantially and most importantly increasing the acceleration speed.

The Super 7 uses our 3600 ml direct nozzle extruder. Because the extruder is stationary, the clay comes directly out of the nozzle without any hoses, complicated air compressors, or augers. In addition, we are able to print superior quality prints with less air bubbles, in less time, and at larger scales.

Extruder tubes can be easily loaded from any standard pug mill. You can load 5 tubes in less than 10 minutes, that is 60 pounds of clay! The tubes can also be loaded manually with clay purchased from your local ceramic supplier. Clean up is easy and can be accomplished between loading tubes in less than a couple of minutes.

Touch screen control center make the stand-alone operation of our 3D Potterbot effortless. A simple SD card is inserted with the G code to run your prints. You have complete control over the printer & extruder by being able to adjust the speeds and flows easily through the touch screen. 

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What's included:

1. 3D PotterBot 7 Super

2. Closed loop stepper on X, Y, Z, extruder

3. 3600ml extruder, 2 tubes

4. 4 nozzles (standard sizes: 3.5, 4.13, 5, and 6.4mm)

5. Parts Box: Alan key set, grease, Acme driver tool, tie wraps, extra screws

6. Power Supply, USB cable


Printing Envelope:
X-17" (432 mm)
Y-14" (356 mm)
Z-~20" (~508 mm)

Printer size:
W-29” L-32” H-36”
Operation space needed: W-47” L-36” H-~80”
Bat diameter (printer bed): 15” (381mm)
Height to the top of the extruder fully extended is ~80” (~2032mm)

Average speed: 2.2’’ to 5.1’’/s (55 to 130 mm/s)
Power Supply: Output - 24V 5-6 amps, Input: 110-220V, 50-60 Hertz (No 220V power plug supplied for customers outside of USA).
Power consumption: 24V ~3 amps, ~70 Watt
Main controller board running Smoothieware with Arm Processor Cortex M3 100 - 120 Mhz

Touchscreen included - full control Standalone function, input either SD card with G-code or USB cable for direct control of printer. Recommended slicing programs Simplify3D, Cura, or Repetier.