I've attached an image (head) of the third piece I printed that is not a vessel. (It's not a student piece, either.) The second image is student work from last year, and it is a vessel. After our first year with the PotterBot, we are still learning what the printer will do. Vessels are what the printer seems to do best. It will print geometric shapes as well. The 3rd image is of eight triangles that we assembled after printing the separate parts.

This printer is beyond great! I teach high school students and I feel it is the best solution for working in a classroom. My administration was sold on the fact that we don't have to buy filaments, additives, or special clay. The clay I already owned is what we use, so nothing about the program changed... same firing temperature, same glazes, 3D work and traditional work are fired together. If a print fails, we can recycle it to print again. The PotterBot prints with real clay (not slip), so you have a piece that can still be manipulated by hand. And is firm enough not to collapse on you, like other printers that force slip through a tube under air pressure. I feel the moving platform is the best thing about his design. The tube that holds the clay (extruder), weighs eight pounds (loaded with clay), the less that the tube has to move around, the better. (It only travels up the "Z" axis, very slowly.)

We like all the free software that is out there, on the web. Fusion360 is free for educators and Danny has made a few youtube videos using this program. My personal favorite software for slicing is Simplify3D.  https://www.simplify3d.com/    It's not free ($150.00) but worth every penny. It allows for changes and adjustments at the slicing stage.

Because of the size and build envelope, I purchased the V2.9, it's a little more expensive, but faster and quieter. I don't see us growing out of this printer anytime soon.

This should give you a good bit of information to think about... If you have any other questions, or want more information about anything I have talked about, feel free to get back to me. Did I miss anything?

Good Luck this year,

Geoff Flash